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LCA identifies, analyzes and proposes fund structures as well as investment and divestiture opportunities.  LCA advises on capital raising activities and placement agent strategies. We work closely with the fund manager to develop investment policies and monitor support functions to ensure that the operations of the fund consistently support its objectives.  We are motivated by a culture of transparent disclosure and corporate governance, and our guiding principles capture our commitment to ethical and prudent business practices.

Funds require ongoing portfolio surveillance and careful oversight of investments.  At the infrastructure project level, we follow the lifecycle of the project, specifically:

project origination

  • identify economically and financially viable projects
  • analyze the risk factors that can affect creditworthiness

project development

  • monitor a project from construction to completion

project performance

  • monitor projects through the commercial or operating phases
  • provide surveillance of debt service and distribution of cash flow to stakeholders

LCA has access to a number of software platforms in fund administration. These programs are designed to fit the following fund requirements: accounting, auditing, shareholder communications, client relationship management, records management and project management.

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